FIVE Hotels & Resorts

FIVE Hotels & Resorts, which includes the hottest destinations in Dubai - the unrivalled FIVE Palm Jumeirah and the uber-cool FIVE Jumeirah Village, for a discerning group of travellers looking for an unrivalled luxury vacation experience that encompasses the iconic Beach by FIVE, Dubai’s most Insta-Famous social pool and a chic penthouse lifestyle with 269 pools and Jacuzzis.

Switzerland’s ultimate dining and nightlife hotspot, FIVE Zurich showcases 45 luxurious suites and 42 suite sized lifestyle rooms with glittering skyline city views or lush forest views. Additionally, 62 'Amazing Rooms' will soon welcome guests to the Vibe at FIVE in Europe. FIVE's first international outpost hosts multiple international award-winning restaurants, a rooftop nightclub and buzzing outdoor social pool. Guests may detox before they retox at the lavish wellness spa with indoor pool and hot tub. Slated to open in 2023 is FIVE LUXE, JBR - a prime beach property in the heart of Jumeirah Beach Residence with sweeping sunset vistas of the Dubai Eye and Palm Jumeirah. This uber-luxurious lifestyle destination will embody the authentic and unique Vibe at FIVE that global luxury aficionados love. SENSORIA, ultra-luxe residences for discerning luxury aficionados at FIVE LUXE, JBR will continue FIVE’s legacy of eco-conscious luxury living.






ACJ TwoTwenty | 9H-FIVE


Fly High. Fly FIVE.

FIVE has reimagined the very best in sky-high travel. As with FIVE Hotels & Resorts on the ground, the ACJ TwoTwenty cabin invites guests to enjoy a fresh new in-flight entertainment experience in the air, allowing passengers to dine, entertain & invigorate in the most opulent and private environment. The aircraft 9H-FIVE, to be pronounced 'Nine-Hotel-FIVE,' will take to the skies from February 2023 onwards.
It's Time To Fly High - Fly FIVE

Fly High. Fly FIVE.

An unabashed hospitality disruptor, FIVE now evolves its offering to provide a first-in-class, FIVE-styled aviation experience like no other to a global audience of discerning travellers.

9H-FIVE’s ultra-luxe and customised cabins are a reflection of FIVE’s luxury lifestyle hospitality and entertainment ethos combined with Comlux’s exceptional Bizjet innovation. Extraordinary care and attention to detail has gone into constructing the Cabins – which truly reflects FIVE’s signature deluxe design styling and to provide an elevated and elite customer journey.
Flying FIVE will be an unmatched, flawless, bespoke experience for customers seeking the unique Vibe at FIVE in the sky.
Welcome to the next level in private aviation

Hrs fly time

A flawless flying experience across the skies


Equipped to seamlessly cater to large groups

Person Table

A dining table made for entertaining

Master Suite

with king size bed ensuite bathroom & shower

ACJ TwoTwenty | 9H-FIVE

Fly High. Fly FIVE.

ACJ TwoTwenty 9H-FIVE

The First of its kind ACJ TwoTwenty Cabin is one of the most advanced, innovative and technologically equipped aircraft cabins ever designed.

9H-FIVE will provide guests with a first-hand experience of the masterful combination of design engineering, craftsmanship and luxury used to create a one-of-a-kind space for FIVE Hotel and Resort's newest home in the skies. From high-speed WiFi Connectivity to an entertainers' kitchen deluxe on-board shower and mega 55 inch TV screens for your ultimate viewing pleasure - Flying FIVE will perfectly showcase FIVE's award-winning hospitality.

  • 16 SEATS
  • Master Suite with King Sized Bed
  • Full LED lighting
  • Electro-chromatic window shades
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • High-speed connectivity
  • Non-stop streaming
  • Ultra-large 55 inches screens
  • State of the Art Pratt & Whitney Engines
  • Seamless Service
  • Unrivalled Immersive 360* Experience

The Plane

Fly FIVE. Fly Green.

Carbon Offset Credited in Nature

FLY FIVE has taken off into a new sustainability frontier.

Committed to completely offsetting FLY FIVE’s annual emissions, the company has aligned itself with Nature-Based Carbon Credits, becoming a direct proponent of rainforest preservation and reforestation. By purchasing credits attached to forest conservation projects, FIVE has taken steps to safeguard our planet’s lungs and critical biodiversity.

600 hrs fly time

FIVE received 3rd Party Verification to assure its fly time and respective emission factors were responsibly and accurately assessed against global standards.

Climate Neutral Commodity (CNC)

FIVE has undertaken certification from Climate Neutral Commodities, the world’s leader in providing Carbon Credit Transaction Transparency

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Preserve

REDD+, CCB, SDG, VCS Verra Approved. Rimba Raya, located in Indonesian Borneo, is one of the largest REDD+ peat swamp forest projects in the world, avoiding nearly 130 million tonnes of carbon emissions. For its first transaction, FIVE has taken a stand as a protector of Borneo’s Tanjung Putting National Park purchasing credits funding climate, community and biodiversity (CCB) certified initiatives aligned with all 17 SDG’s.

Fly High. Fly FIVE.

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